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How to invest in gold bars

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Last Wednesday, you could almost hear the deafening cheers from Wall Street investors as the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 20,000 for the first time ever. In 120 years of turbulent history, it has never before managed to come close to this level. Do not be fooled by Mr. Market.

Look back at the not-so-distant history of March 30, 1999. This was the day that the Wall Street Journal heralded the dawn of a new era as the Dow blew past 10,000 for the first time in history with its “Dow Industrials Top 10,000.” This then-record high occurred on March 29, 1999. It lasted for all of eight and a half months.

By January 14, 2000, the Dow and other market indices had reached their inevitable peak. From this point on, a bloodbath ensued over the next two years. An eye watering $5 trillion of wealth became erased from the ledgers of investors the world over.

These new lofty levels of the Dow should give you plenty of pause for thought. Whether or not you believe a severe market correction is long overdue or not, you should at least consider that buying stocks when they are overpriced is the single worst mistake you can possibly make in investing. Regardless of how amazing the investment may appear, when you pay too much, you are asking for trouble.

How do you know stocks are so overpriced now? It is more than the recent record of 20,000, which only 10 years ago sounded more like science fiction than actually possible. It is the fact that the price to sales ratio is the highest it has been in 15 years at least. Some scary food for thought is that this ratio is actually massively higher now than it was before the last devastating crash in 2008.

Consider the Price to Earnings ratio as well. This cyclically-adjusted level today stands at its highest amount since the dot com crash after 2000, which is also higher than before the 2008 market crash. Ditto for Enterprise Values to EBITDA which measures the operating cashflow of a corporation’s principal business.

It would be naive to believe that U.S. stocks will simply continue to rise forever. History tells us what happens when investors start to believe that. A better choice is to invest in markets where there is opportunity remaining. Many overseas markets are now far more attractively priced.

Goldman Sachs just announced that European stock markets have twice as much potential and room to rise as do American equities’ markets. Their Price-to-Book ratios are significantly more attractive than are their American peers.

Even Japanese corporations are flush with cash (more than any exchange-listed companies in any rival nation) and starting to pay higher dividends and do more share buybacks. This is true while their stocks are at comparatively cheap prices when measured against American equities.

As for the debt levels of Japanese companies, they boast the strongest balance sheets on earth. Compare this to American companies which are overburdened with simply years of built-up debts. Value investing remains among the most successful strategies in the markets over the past 50 years.

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Ready for the Inevitable American Stock Market Crash?

Stocks never rise in a straight line. History has proven time and again when they irrationally get ahead of themselves, they come crashing back down. This was the case in 1987, 2000, and 2008. We are long overdue for a severe pullback, especially given the new all-time highs which are based on only speculation and hope. When the markets do inevitably fall back down, gold will once again prove to be the smartest asset class in which to have moved at least some of your retirement assets.


As this chart demonstrates, from the years of 2000 through 2010 when the stock markets crashed and burned not once but twice, gold prices rose from around $250 per ounce to approximately $1,400 per ounce. The yellow metal will protect you again in the next stock market retrenchment. You can safely rely on its hedging power for your portfolio. Request your free and no-obligation gold IRA rollover kit now from Regal Assets by clicking here to learn everything you need in order to protect your assets by a partial allocation to physical gold.

This past weekend Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates the $160 billion investment firm, addressed a packed room of central bankers at the 40th Annual Banking Seminar of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The message he brought was sobering.

“Japan is closest to its limits, Europe is a step behind it, the US is a step or two behind Europe, and China is a few steps behind the United States. This is a global problem,” he told the silent stunned audience. “The biggest issue is that there is only so much one can squeeze out of a debt cycle, and most countries are approaching those limits.”

Dalio was referring ominously to the decades-long debt super cycle which has been underway and is rapidly coming to a close. He warned about a near-future big squeeze. The world’s biggest economies, including Japan, The United States, Europe, and China have run up unprecedented levels of debt and are getting dangerously close to their limits.

Dalio is not alone in sounding the alarm. The International Monetary Fund also chimed in last week with their announcement that the total worldwide debt has reached a historical high mark of $152 trillion. This eye watering number represents about two times the amount of the entire global economy.

The trend is worsening too. Over $5 trillion in brand new debt has been wracked up in the first three quarters of 2016. The year is on course to defeat the prior 2006 all time high. Countries from Japan to South Korea to Italy have broken their records for levels of public debt.

These international debt levels do not even take into account other underfunded future obligations for pension and healthcare programs. Dalio said it best when he reminded the crowd of an embarrassing truth they already know. “There are too many promises that can’t be kept, not only in the form of debt, but also in the form of health care and pension costs.”

You may shrug this off as a foreign issue. While this is a global problem, it is also dangerously an American one. The 2016 fiscal year for the U.S. government represented the third biggest growth in the federal debt in all of American history. The only two times that beat it were the years of the financial crisis and Great Recession.

The problem is that 2016 was not a year of financial crisis. It represented a year of growth in the world economy, the U.S., and the developed world. Despite this, corporate debt for the year also has broken its old record, as have credit card and student debt in the U.S. As Dalio has warned, debt is now in a major bubble itself.

When you see this bubble pop and/or interest rates rise (one will likely cause the other), the U.S. and other heavily indebted nations will no longer be able to service the interest on their debts, let alone hope to repay them.

On top of this, the major economies’ central banks have printed enormous quantities of money by expanding their balance sheets to all time highs (including the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, the Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of England). As they are all in over their heads, this could cause major global inflation at the same time.

Is your portfolio properly diversified?

Placing some of your savings and retirement holdings into gold is your surest hedge in financially unstable times like these. It is nearly 35% below its all time high of over $1,900 per ounce.
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Disclosure: If you are on this website you have been sent or referred here by an affiliate, agent or partner who is promoting Regal Assets. All affiliates, agents and partners are compensated for referrals.

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